Virginia Is For Lovers

and for adventurers!

All my recommendations I have personally hiked or visited, most many times.

Shenandoah National Park
The Famous Skyline Drive
Scenic Overlooks
best if you have a short time frame or don't want physical activity
National Forest Alternatives (and my favorite!)
Outside of Shenandoah, and Dog Friendly

If you can’t tell, the below spots are my favorite in the state. I LOVE Shenandoah, but in peak months crowds can be very high and there is a park entrance fee of $30. Because I am more on the adventure side, when we go hiking we target George Washington National Forest. I eloped in Colorado, but if I had to pick my favorite places in VA, they are below!

See some of my hikes here

Things You Need To Know

Tips + Advice



You need sneakers or boots to hike. If you want to change into heels or flats, pack them!


Dress Appropriately

If you are hiking, you might want to bring a change of clothes and get ready at the location. You can carry or pack your dress, I can help. Getting changed in the woods is easy, and I am a pro at last minute dressing rooms.


Pack Food

Water/snacks or maybe champagne (for energy + morale, of course), or a picnic.


Be Mindful of Props or Decor

Don't overestimate what you can carry on a hike. A really easy prop for an elopement is a rug and some flower petals, or bring a cute blanket to sit on!


Hiking--We Will Be in the Dark!

Whether you choose a sunrise or sunset hike--at some point we will be in the dark. Don't worry, I've done this many many times. It adds to the adventure. Headlamp or flashlights are mandatory.


Backup Location

It's never a bad idea to have a backup location or rain plan. You never know how the weather will turn out. Scenic overlooks are great for this, and I can help you choose the closet one. Or, we can wing it day of. Promise we will find something awesome.



3am: hair and makeup
4am: hit the trail
6am: reach summit, change
6:30am: Elope!
10:30am: est arrival back down for breakfast

*Time built in after vows for more portraits


1pm: hair and makeup
2pm: hit the trail
5pm: reach summit,change
5:30pm: Elope!
8:30pm: est arrive back down

*Time built in before vows for more portraits, sun goes down fast