We’re The Millers Part 2 | We Eloped

August 15, 2018
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We had decided to elope, but there were also a few really important people we couldn’t imagine not sharing this time in our lives with. Another reason we picked Colorado is because its a pretty easy and common place to travel without breaking the bank. The bonus was that Dylan’s childhood best friend of 20 years had just moved there last year, and his second best friend of 19 years recently moved to Oregon so they were both pretty close. For me, I am very close with my sisters, and I chose to fly them out with us.

Because we really just wanted the hiking part to be us, and to share our vows intimately, we decided to have a day 2 of our wedding shindig. We rented a huge cabin in the mountains of Black Hawk, and invited everyone out for a second ceremony where each one of our guests would read a letter of advice and good will to use, we we would do a little hand-fasting ceremony to honor my Irish heritage, and eat some really good pizza and have fun. To keep on the non-traditional train, and because I really don’t like cake, we had a Pinata wedding cake where we got to beat the crap out of it and get some candy!

We had a BEAUTIFUL Colorado day, despite being sore from the 8 mile uphill trek the morning before, and got lucky with an amazing sunset. Prisma Events did a stellar job doing…literally everything….bringing in a table for us to setup on the porch and some decor. It was the most laid back day I could ever imagine, and it was even more perfect than our hike.

Photo credit to our amazing Day 2 photographer Taylor Mitchell!



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