I am a Virginia-based wedding and elopement photographer, but I have been all over with my couples. Colorado, Ireland, New York, Switzerland to name a few. I will be uniquely yours and give you my all. After all, YOU are based on a true story. Let me help you tell it. 

True Story Photography was founded on the principles of my documentary style photographic approach combined with the true love story each wedding day tells.

Fancy meeting you here! Welcome inside my mind! I specialize in documentary style photography. I love the secret moments, the emotion, and the genuine imagery of candid photography. We’re all just people. We aren’t runway models, and love is unique. Not every story is the same. Not every wedding day shares the same moments. I’ll be there to capture the special connection you and your soulmate have in a way where “a picture says a thousand words”. The subtle touching of each-others hands under the reception table–you bet I caught it. You and your lover eloping at a spot that means the most to you, or on a boat, or on a mountain, or in the desert– I’m there holding your dress and carrying your stuff too.

There are lots of things in life I love, and photography helps me document them. I love seeing others happy. I love sweet tea and peaches. My rescue Shepard Aedan is my world. My husband Dylan is my universe. You’ll probably find me a lot at Krispy Kreme, or really anywhere with donuts. My religion is the mountains- they give me life and meaning. I’m outdoors whenever I can be. I’m always wearing my vintage WW2 combat boots I found at an antique store in the middle of no where, usually paired with my favorite flannel. I’m not fancy, but I’m me! Let’s meet up!