For more than a decade, I have hiked more than 437 miles on trails around the world and raised a beautiful rescue dog who is the center of my attention (by force...haha). I live on a small farm with 30 chickens, 2 pigs, 2 horses and a pony. Farm life helps keep me grounded and was always my dream.
When you hire me to capture the best day of your lives, I promise to always make you feel beautiful. (Because you are.) My approach is a candid, documentary style that freezes those subtle, in-between moments so you’ll always remember how you felt that day. If you think you aren't good in front of the camera — you haven't worked with me yet!

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For us, family comes first. It's our main inspiration in this journey we're on, and we absolutely love connecting with others who share the same outlook on life. Hawthorne stumptown DIY more hops pickled Rocky Butte put a bird on it zinester soy ink tattoos blackberries Hawthorne handcrafted.

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