I am a virginia wedding photographer, adventure elopement photographer, and destination wedding aficionado. I specialize in adventure elopements in the Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as offer destination hiking wedding packages worldwide. As a Virginia elopement photographer, I can help you plan your entire day.
I’m Katie Jean, and I am a professional third wheel. Definition: I follow you around on your wedding day and am an expert at documentary and candid style photography. In real terms, I am a Virginia wedding & elopement photographer finding home in the Blue Ridge Mountains and traveling on adventures for destination weddings worldwide. I promise to give you something your grandkids will be looking at and say DAMN. My Granny and Pops were HOT. I look for the unique moments…ones hidden behind your hearts and that come from your soul. I tell your story through each photograph of your day.
My favorite things: Pizza. Elopements. Grooms who like to grab their future wives’ butts. Adventure. Creativity. Artistry. Moody tones. Funny uncles. Crazy families. Unique chemistry. True Love.
On a more serious note, I’d like to say I am a “relatable” photographer. Meaning….I’ve seen it all. I get it. I’m cool if you’re cool. I will have your back the entire day and do everything in your interest. Big wedding, with 19 bridesmaids, a family that doesn’t get along, and a huge guest list? I can yell at people. Small elopement, or maybe just the two of you, somewhere special—I can help you plan it. Most of all I can work with your budget. I still take clients that need a lower priced package than what is public on my website, if its during a day that I’m not currently booked. I get that weddings are expensive, and I want to help you.


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Why is this in a bold heading? Cause it’s dear to my heart. It speaks to my soul. It’s my passion.
I am probably biased because I eloped, but I truly and deeply feel elopements and everything they stand for. There is nothing more “true” to me than spending YOUR day, with just you and YOUR lover. It is 100% about you, and nothing else. No strict timelines, no venue hiccups, no crazy family making it about themselves, and no pressure.
My husband and I drove across the US from Virginia to Colorado to elope with our dog at 12,506 feet after a 8 mile hike. We said our vows at sunrise and spent 2 weeks finding peace in the mountains. I will never forget it.
I specialize in adventure elopements and elopement planning, because if we are being real I got REALLY good at it. I didn’t plan to elope originally! I would honestly say I went through the 5 stages of grief coming to a realization that I really couldn’t have the wedding I wanted at home (one word…family). I spent months going back and forth, even securing a venue, before we decided to let it all go and plan a vacation elopement. We landed on Colorado because we refused to leave our dog at home and it was one of the most practical mountain areas we could drive to for epic views. Plus, its Colorado.
ANYWAY. Heres how I can help you elope: we talk about what you want, your vision, what means the most to you as a couple, and your style. We narrow down a state, then a location. I have recommendations for places all over the US (and international) ranging from my home base Virginia to the West Coast, Ireland, Iceland, Switzerland, you name it. I have a network of photographer friends who are onsite there to help us with planning and accommodations if I am not familiar with the particular area. I can be as hands on as you want, or just your knowledge base for epic photos. Because its personal to me, I know what most couples are looking for in an experience. See more here: Adventure Elopements


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So, let’s be friends. One of my favorite parts about the couples I have met is I still talk to almost all of them! We become friends, because you let me in to the most intimate part of your life. I look forward to shooting your anniversary photos. Your kids. Your puppy.
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