We’re based in Richmond, Virginia, but travel nationwide and internationally. In documenting dozens of them, we’ve learned a thing or two about weddings. So we’re more than just your photographers; we also act as unofficial wedding consultants for our couples. We’ve developed solid advice, preferred vendors, and lots of cool locations. We are LGBT friendly and welcome anyone and everyone!

Let's Be Friends

We focus on a documentary, candid style approach that gives off a storytelling vibe. We aren't bossy, or in your face. We shoot from an angle that captures the real, authentic moments...not the "say cheese for Grandma!" moments. That being said, we tailer each gallery we deliver to appeal to the style and vibe of your day which we judge once we arrive. As you can see from our work, we have a more intimate aesthetic.

We here at TS are opposites. Katie is an introvert, and Dylan is an extrovert. To put it into perspective: Katie works in IT full time, and Dylan is a nurse. We work well together, and we each understand the different sides of camera and can relate to different personalities. By the end of the day, we ALWAYS have couples tell us how comfortable we have made them feel- and that is worth it all for us.

If you think you "aren't good in front of the camera"... you haven't met me yet. 

Katie's Manifesto

Radical; dynamic, storytelling



Intimate, exciting, special



Realistic, timeless, warm





It feels like forever...but if you had to quantify it Katie has been practicing photography for 12 years. She began in film, transitioned to digital, and now has found a hybrid approach. She has always worked with couples and weddings--but does family, senior, equine, and business sessions on the side!  

Dylan and Katie have actually been together since 2009...but he just started to get into videography and photography about 4 years ago after tagging along with Katie to some sessions. He ended up getting along really well with all the couples, and took quickly to seeing the special angles that Katie does behind the camera. Since then he has shot over 23 weddings alongside Katie as a stellar second shooter! 

Nope. Katie is in IT full time, and Dylan is a nurse. 

"All my couples ask me why I haven't committed to photography full time. The answer is always--because I don't want to. I love IT, and I love my job. I also love photographing weddings and the love between 2 people. To me, if I went full time in wedding photography at that point it will change how I provide my services to my clients. It goes from being a true passion, to something I have to rely on to pay bills. I like to keep my pricing affordable, and I like being able to choose my clients so we all have the best experience. I don't want the pressure of having to sacrifice my enjoyment of the art to make ends meet!" -Katie

I get this question SO much, and I love answering it. I would say what I am known for, or my speciality within photography is black and white photos. There is a certain intimacy to them that stands out to me, and I have spent years finding the right color balance and tonal exposure to create really moving images. However, if you notice my black and white photos just "look different" than what you may be used to seeing around, its because I shot most of them on actual film and develop them in my closet! Film is timeless, and you can't replicate it no matter how many filters you try :)

Golden Hour, is the literal golden rule. It's the hazy, warm, indirect goodness that happens at sunrise or sunset. After 12 years behind the camera, you can bet we are experts at choosing the perfect time of day for your shoot or wedding. 

HOWEVER! Rainy, cloudy, moody days should not be ignored. Those days provide some of the best images, and our greatest asset at True Story is the fact that we can happily adapt to any weather scenario. 

This is our favorite question. And we get it a lot. 

If you think you are awkward in front of the camera, it's because you haven't had the right photographer. We are blessed to say we have never had an unhappy client in all our years in photography. We pride ourselves in the fact that it is our job to find the angles that are the most flattering to all shapes, sizes, colors, and figures. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed--you only need one thing to start with us: a date! 

We can help you with recommendations for vendors, venues, ideas, DIYs, and pretty much anything you could think to ask about a wedding or elopement. Having planned our own 2 week adventure elopement ourselves, we know what you are going through and we also know a lot of really cool people!