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Crafting wedding films
to highlight your best day

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At home he is known as our resident goofball, family man, and "the guns". Being a nurse, he claims anatomy is really important but we all know he just likes to show off his muscle. At weddings, you will often find him making friends with your drunk uncle or petting the dog if there is one.

In his video work he focuses on the big picture--pieces together snippets of little moments throughout the day that all tie into what turns out to be a storyboard He has a knack for being a video ninja--where you won't even know he is there. 

Favorite things: cars that go fast, weight lifting, irritating Katie, and spending time with the 2 pigs Wanda and Wallace

Dylan: videographer

After shooting many weddings and observing other videographers, True Story has decided to re-define what we offer for video. We strive to be non-invasive and allow you and your guests to live in the moment. In order to give our clients not only a pleasant experience but also allow them to really enjoy their day without interruption.... below is how:

The Philosophy

| We don't capture ALL audio. We discuss with you beforehand on what is most important to you. This allows us to not have to interrupt your guests as they begin a speech to put a mic on, or constantly run back and forth to attach audio devices to different people. Let them enjoy the day!
| We do NOT get up close and personal during YOUR personal moments. We are equipped to capture these moments from afar so we are not distracting to you or other guests.
| We don't show up with 8 bins of equipment or 3 other videographers as "assistants". Part of our skill is being able to capture your day within our efforts, with minimal presence. We discuss prior if a second videographer may be needed.


| We are flexible and we are experienced. We know how weddings go, and we will be at the right place at the right time
| We offer highlight films, because in reality you are not going to go back and watch a 15 minute film in later years including all the speeches (some bad! LOL!) and all the "filler" moments like eating...come on!
| We capture real emotion, and put it together in a way you will re-watch your film and FEEL the same way you did that day.
| We believe in personal space, and we carve out a specified time block to get you and your betrothed to ourselves where we can get intimate 
| There is no such thing as camera shy or awkward. If you feel that way, its because you haven't had the right videographer. 



Us in a nutshell:

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