While we believe a picture can say a thousand words, a film can bring life back to the past. We specialize in short wedding films, where we craft a storyline featuring the "best of" moments throughout the whole day. We are a Virginia based husband and wife filmmaking and photography duo who specialize in story driven wedding media.

Dylan is the lead videographer at True Story, and while he was already Katie's other half by marriage...he is now also her other half in business! He is the funny one (so he says), can always be found petting a dog somewhere, and when he isn't being a nurse or filming he is admiring his big muscles in the mirror at the gym! Dylan can also be. found carrying gear, making sure Katie drinks water during a long wedding, and holding the flashlight for sunrise hikes.


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Here at True Story we like to keep it simple. We only offer one kind of wedding video: A Highlight Film. A highlight film is a day of recap of all the best moments, complied together in a documentary format. Our goal when shooting and editing film is to tell a story of your day. Films can be anywhere from 3 minutes to 10 minutes long, depending on the amount of hours of coverage you book based off your timeline. Drop us an email and we can recommend the best package for you!


This may come as a shock to some (or not...), but we do not offer audio recording! After years of finding the right equipment and recording tactics, we realized 90% of our couples HATE the sound of their own voice. So we have decided to put our equipment budget back into bettering our film tools and bringing you a more cinematic experience. Along with a documentary style of filming, we spend time choosing music to overlay each film that enhances the aesthetic and story of the day.

Yes we can offer live streaming and recording--pending a good internet connection or cell signal.  

Do You Do Live?

Dylan got into video 4 years ago, after enough people talked to him into it after years of second shooting. Its so much easier to work as a photo and video duo, because we are so in sync and know each-other's styles and abilities so well.  


A lot of people shy away from video for elopements because they feel there wouldn't be enough content, or there just isn't a long enough time frame. WRONG! This actually means we can take a bit to genuinely do something cool and creative to fill the timeline. Trust us!