Forever and Sh*t, A Historic Polegreen Church Wedding


Meredith and Sean are the picture perfect trendy couple. Her sense of style and his genuine friendliness are so complimentary. They had their own idea for their engagement session, and chose 2 places that actually mean something to them. I couldn’t wait for their wedding after talking with Meredith about her vision and her venue……think dreamy, boho, classic elegance.

Historic Polegreen Church is one of my favorite “off the grid” venues for intimate weddings. It’s not a highly popular place, and that is why its perfect. Its a modern day take on a church, with historical and minimalistic background in a beautiful park like setting. A lot of people don’t know that Jason Mraz actually got married there, he is from Mechanicsville!

We had a straight up lovely day for Meredith + Sean. She is simply stunning regardless of being in a white wedding dress, but that day she was a vision.

Of course the highlight of their wedding decor was the custom neon sign designed off Etsy that proclaimed: “Forever and Shit”. That was too real.


P.S…..When I saw they had Lee’s I knew it was gonna be a good day


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