Jenna + Lance | High School Sweetheart Engagment

May 27, 2019
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It’s funny—high school. When you are in it, you think it’ll be “this way” forever and you will keep all your same BFFs for the rest of your live. It never really turns our that way, but it always makes me laugh at what a small world it ends up being. Just like Dylan and I, Jenna and Lance have been together since high school, almost 5 years. An even smaller world than that– Jenna went to high school with my little sister!
These 2 are really great. They are the type of couple where they have fun, laugh, tell stories about each-other, and just really enjoy being around one another.
I told Lance I was going to tell this…..
His dimple is SO CUTE right?? Turns out he was not born with! Per his words— he “was blessed” with it when he got punched in the face as a kid and he had braces and it turned out to be a perfect looking dimple. I thought that was so hilarious. Most people would kill for dimples!
Can’t wait to celebrate with them in October 2020

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