Misty Morning Engagement Session on Skyline Drive

April 27, 2021
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When I met up with Leslie + Andrew on Skyline Drive at 5am, it was pitch black, and the fog was so bad you couldn’t see 3 feet in front of the car. There was also 45mph winds and misty rain. To say the least, the sunrise was definitely not coming this day. I knew immediately they were “my people” when Leslie got out of the car and yelled “OMG I LOVE THIS VIBE!”. It’s such a great feeling when couples not only understand your vision and shooting style, but also are totally down to go with what nature throws out and trust me to make their photos awesome. I actually love overcast, moody days. It brings out an intimate vibe that you can’t get with any other atmosphere–almost spooky, but not quite….very real and rich. We ended up getting a glimmer of passing sun, literally for 5 minutes–but just enough to get some awesome late sunrise photos.


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