Montana Is For Elopements

September 20, 2021
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Montana is for elopements. I will say it again for the people in the back!

Being that we here at True Story have a special place in our hearts for adventure elopements (because we did and it was the best decision ever)–each time we travel we scope out amazing locations to recommend to our couples who want to do something epic. We have been to Montana a few times and its very dear to our hearts and there quite frankly isn’t anything else in the US quite like Glacier National Park. We actually had planned to visit Yosemite this year, but the wildfires caused us to last minute reschedule our trip. We decided with all the chaos of rescheduling, we just wanted to go “home”….Montana. We went during off-season (late Sept) but the park really rolled out fall for us which was a treat. Typically this time of year the park is covered in snow, but it has been a warm season.

There are SO many excellent elopement options in and around Glacier that can accommodate the extreme hikers, the pull up and get out of the car elopers, or the leisurely hikers. If you are interested in an epic adventure elopement…consider Montana and shoot us a message for recommendations!

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